Arnesen Johansson


   Together we seem to bring out the best in each other, due to a mutual great respect for the cunning, skill and intuition of the other part in the musical process. We thrive be it performing, composing, recording or just playing around for fun.

Musicians, composers often working solo or with our own bands. Often hired by others for the sake of good quality (yes it’s true!).

Of course there is a long history of guitaring together as well as cooking/eating and all things that come with a long friendship.

Thomas A, reflecting on us and the music.


photo by Li Johansson


Arnesen Johansson "Bluesmass"

"Tell me why its never"

Here’s the first of a bunch of songs we sat down with this spring, 2020.

Some depressing, some mellow and some, would you believe it, sort of positive.

More songs and album coming soon.


Music, lyrics, arrangement & all instruments by

Arnesen Johansson

recordings, production, mix  by

Anders Johansson

photo Katharina Arnesen videodesign Anders Johansson


Tom Beimel

copyright (C) ajmusic